About the Library


The Pleasant Valley Free Library is currently located at 3 Maggiacomo Lane in Pleasant Valley, approximately 5 miles west of the Taconic State Parkway, next door to Dollar General.
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About the Library:

The Pleasant Valley Free Library is a free association library operating under the laws of the State of New York governing Free Libraries. The chief objective of the Library is to provide the people of Pleasant Valley with an effective, friendly, and responsive Free Library service of high quality, capable of evolving and expanding with the needs of the community.

We are also a legally designated Dutchess County Heating and Cooling Center.

Board of Trustees:

The Pleasant Valley Free Library is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of up to 13 members. They meet on the third Thursday of every month. Our trustees are:
President: Joy Dyson
Vice-President: Dave Kruger
Treasurer: Steve MacNish
Secretary: Gail Rau
Other members: Dorothy Denny, Pauline Herr, Kristin Hettinger, Julia Kessler, Kathy Kruger, Michael Rifenburgh, Don Sagliano, Kim Sears, and Anna Wei.

Library Minutes (2016-present)


Director: Daniela Pulice
Head of Circulation: Valerie
Head of Children’s Services: Julie
Circulation Assistant: Bethany
Programmer: Linda
Clerks: Linda, Karen, Kym, and Sue
Shelver: Amelia